Technology Properties Limited LLC et al v. Nintendo Co., Ltd et al
U.S. District Court, Northern District of California
Case no. 5:2012cv03881 , Filed on July 24, 2012

On July 24, 2012, Plaintiffs filed a complaint alleging Defendants Nintendo Co., LTD and Nintendo of America, Inc. infringe upon three of its patents: Patent No. 5,440,749 (“the ‘749 Patent”) entitled “High Performance, Low Cost Microprocessor Architecture,” Patent No. 5,530,890 (“the ‘890 Patent”) entitled “High Performance, Low Cost Microprocessor,” and Patent No. 5,809,336 (“the ‘336 Patent”), entitled “High Performance Microprocessor having Variable Speed System Clock.”  Plaintiffs allege that Nintendo has infringed upon these patents through its products such as the DSi.  More specifically, Plaintiffs allege in their complaint that Defendants “encourag[e] and facilitat[e] others to perform actions known by Defendants to infringe with the intent that performance of the actions will infringe” by providing the DSi with a USB input/output interface.  This allows peripheral devices to be connected to the DSi that may have “a clock independent of the CPU clock connected to the central processing unit on the microprocessors of the DSi.”  Plaintiffs also allege that Defendants have instructed consumers to connect the DSi and peripheral devices in such a way that infringes upon Plaintiffs’ patents.  Plaintiffs ask for damages in an amount to compensate Plaintiffs for infringement of the patents and an award of enhanced damages from Defendants’ “willful” infringement, among other things.
This case will be updated as new information becomes available.