On Mar. 9, 2018, Epic Games, Inc. (“Epic”) sued Joseph Sperry (a/k/a “Spoezy”), yet another alleged distributor of cheats for the popular online game Fortnite.

Similar to previous cases (discussed here, herehere, and here), Epic alleges that Spoezy made, used, and sold cheating tools for Fortnite.  Much unlike previous cases, however, to acquire jurisdiction against Spoezy, Epic merely argues that Spoezy purposefully availed himself to the privileges of conducting activities and doing business in North Carolina, rather than using the YouTube DMCA process.  This may be because Spoezy is a resident of New York, unlike previous, non-American defendants.

As a fun side note, Spoezy’s website formerly described him as “Cheater | Designer | Editor,” though it now lists him as a “Gamer[,] Designer[, and] Editor.”