Friend of the blog Tom Hamer, of European IP firm Kilburn & Strode, recently posted an article exploring patent filing trends at the EPO related to video game technologies.  He found that the EPO granted 245 video game patents in 2020 (up from 235 in 2019), and published 415 video game patents in 2020 (up 8% over 2019).  As part of the review, he identified three technology areas with upward trends:

  1. AR/VR controllers that incorporate cameras and light sensors.
  2. Management and protection of an online playerbase and community.
  3. Tech that facilitates esports and video game streaming.

These trends certainly align with what we’re seeing in US patent activity.  The full article includes several examples of interesting patents in each area.  You can read the article here.

U.S. Patent No. 8,425,325: Automatically generating a book describing a user's videogame performance
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