U.S. Patent No. 10,561,953: Interactive video game system comprising toys with rewritable memories

Issued February 18, 2020 to Activision Publishing Inc.
Priority Date: December 20, 2013

U.S. Patent No. 10,561,953 (the ’953 Patent) relates to a toy with rewritable memory to which game data may be stored and may perform actions to reflect a change in-game. The ’953 Patent details a system comprising a toy, which may be a likeness of a character or item in a video game, and a video game system. The toy may include a speaker, lights, or have haptic feedback, which may be activated upon an action in the game, or game data being stored to its rewritable memory. The rewritable memory may store information on a player’s character, score values, experience levels, weapons, items, or captured/defeated characters, etc. In some embodiments, upon capturing or defeating another character, the player’s character may acquire use of characteristics, powers, and/or attributes from the defeated character, which may be stored in the toy’s memory and cause the toy to perform an audio/visual action. Virtual items collected or discovered may be stored in the toy’s memory and used by the virtual representation of the toy in the video game. 

The invention disclosed herein relates to a video game system comprising a video game console and an object or toy used in connection with the video game console, wherein the object or toy has a rewritable data storage device, and wherein the video game console stores information in the rewritable data storage device in response to game play events occurring in a first gaming session. The stored information is subsequently retrieved by the video game console in a second gaming session, and the retrieved information is used to conduct the game play of the second gaming session.

Illustrative Claim:
1. A system useful in providing videogame play, comprising: a game device including at least one processor; a first toy including rewritable memory storing information relating to a first game character; a peripheral device in communication with the game device, the peripheral device including circuitry for wirelessly commanding reads and writes to the rewritable memory of the toy; the at least one processor configured by program instructions to: load information relating to the first game character from the first toy into the game device through the peripheral; provide gameplay in which a first game character under control of user inputs to the game device encounters a second game character, the second game character controlled by video game instructions of the video game; detect a game play event indicating capture of the second game character; command writing of information of the second game character to memory of a second toy; and command presentation of a sensory perceptible simulated transfer of the second game character to the toy.

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