Archie Comic Publications Inc. v. Penders
United States District Court, Southern District of New York
Case No. 1:10-cv-08858, Filed November 23, 2010

This case was terminated on July 1, 2013.  All claims and counterclaims were dismissed with prejudice.  The parties came to a confidential settlement agreement during a mediation session.

Former independent contractor Ken Penders created scripts and artwork for the Sonic comic books, which Sega had licensed Archie Comics to create in 1992. Penders registered copyrights for the work he did for Archie Comics, and in 2010 he sent Archie Comics a letter alleging infringement of his copyrights. Following receipt of the letter, Archie Comics filed this suit against Penders to cancel his copyright registrations and to obtain declaratory judgment and other remedies for breach of contract.

Further details can be found in the original post here.

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