I sometimes meet with indie/startup game developers and provide guidance and advice based on my own experiences in the industry and having worked with lots of young companies. I recently met two of the developers of Beard: Life Grows On, and wanted to share their story. 

Beard is a 2D Rogue­Like experience with a focus on exploration and discovery. You are one of a few brave enough to attempt the ascent. Climb through grassy forests, treacherous mountains, frigid ice­lands, and even glorious skies on your journey to reach the Top and become the King.  The game features

  • Tight Platforming Controls
  • Unique enemy behavior and bosses
  • Permanent death
  • Fine-tuned random level generation
  • Dozens of unique and fun items
  • 3+ regions with their own environments and terrain generation
  • Painted 2D art, with sweeping parallaxed backgrounds
  • Interesting world with a cryptic history
  • Originally composed soundtrack
  • Self-trimmed beard appearance (bows, braids, colors, etc.)
  • Dynamic quests featuring NPCs and their landmarks
  • Secrets, so many secrets…
I played the the development version, and its a fun concept.  They have a lot of work ahead, so I wanted to throw a shout out there way.  They are currently raising funds on Kickstarter, and could use your support (yes, I am a backer of theirs on Kickstarter, too).
Here’s a teaser for pique your interest:
Job Vacancy: Digital Image Rights and Reproduction Specialist
Job Posting: Research Intern 2015