U.S. Patent No. 6,881,149: Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program
Issued Apr. 19, 2005, to Sony


The ‘149 patent describes a method used in video games where the main character can easily identify and target enemy characters. The invention calls for a rectangular navigation mark which is displayed over a designated monster on the screen. Whenever the main character approaches the enemy, the navigation mark signals that the player is close and begins emitting a light which draws the player’s attention to it. This invention should make the game easier by assisting the player in finding enemies to battle. Once the player has located the enemy he can then target the enemy and press buttons which will correspondingly produce an attack on the enemy.


When a main character enters a battle, a rectangular navigation mark is displayed over a designated monster on a display monitor. When the main character approaches the monster, the navigation mark rotates and gets smaller until it is converged into a targeting point on the display monitor. When the navigation mark is converged into a targeting point, light is emitted from the navigation mark on the display monitor. An additional attack of the main character can be performed against the monster if a user presses a decision button at the best timing, right when the light is emitted from the navigation mark.

Illustrative Claim:

1. An entertainment system comprising: an entertainment apparatus for executing various programs; at least one manual controller for inputting a manual control request of a user to said entertainment apparatus; and a display monitor for displaying an image outputted from said entertainment apparatus, said entertainment apparatus comprising: means for performing a first process of moving a navigation mark displayed on said display monitor in a predetermined direction as time advances; means for performing a second process of calculating a time difference between a point of time when said navigation mark reached a predetermined position and a point of time when said user inputted manipulation data via said manual controller; and means for generating an event and successively repeating said first process and said second process if the time difference is within a predetermined time, wherein said event is generated for changing a parameter of a single character.

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