U.S. Patent No. 6,692,357: Video game apparatus and method with enhanced player object action control
Issued February 17, 2004, to Nintendo Co. Ltd.


The ‘357 patent describes a game storage medium that stores player and land data. The land data includes attribute data representative of shapes. The attribute data includes an action code which defines an action of the player. When the player approaches a relevant land object (e.g. a hole or a wall), the player may make an action in compliance with a detected action code and detected land object state, e.g. jump, getting over a wall, etc. When the size data of the action code (the jump) is equal to or lower than the predetermined size data of the hole, the player’s character will fall into the hole.


A video game apparatus includes a CPU. The CPU detects an action code of a land object existing in front of a hole. If “jump” is the action code, a height (or depth) of the hole is calculated. When the hole height is greater than a predetermined height, a jump distance is calculated for the player object, and the CPU causes the payer object to jump in accordance with that distance.

Illustrative Claim:

1. A video game apparatus for generating, and supplying to a display, an image signal to display a player object existing in the vicinity of a land object in a virtual three dimensional space by processing image data for the player object and land object, said video game apparatus comprising: a player object image data generator for generating player object image data to display a player object at various positions in said three dimensional space; a land object image data generator for generating land object image data to display a land object, said land object image data including an action code; an action code detector for detecting an action code included in said land object data of a land object having a predetermined relationship to the position of said player object, said land object including a polygon, the action code being set in said polygon; a state detector for detecting a characteristic of said land object having said action code; and animation data output circuitry for outputting animation data on said player object to cause said player object to effect a predetermined action in accordance with said action code and said characteristic of said land object.

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