U.S. Patent No. 6,488,586: Recording medium and entertainment system
Issued Dec. 3, 2002, to Sony


The ‘586 patent describes a system used in role playing games where the player is given full control over his character, including the ability to command the character. The player can manipulate the movement of the character by pressing certain keys. The game records every command that the player inputs. Points are awarded for successful commands. Commands may also be strung together to create combos. Once a combo has been successfully performed, the player can continuously move because the commands are stored and are selected with greater speed with each time they are performed.


An entertainment system includes an application program recording system which record an application program which can input at least one command of operation an which the player sets the action of the character on a display screen. The command is stored in an action set frame in the unit of one operation to action set frame used to create the movements of the player character. The system further has an input, operation system where the player inputs instructions and a control system which controls the operation of the player character on the display screen based on the command from the application program recorded by the application program record system and the input operation system.

Illustrative Claim:

1. A recording medium containing a program that allows a player to advance a game by manipulating a selected character displayed on a display screen through a key input according to the player’s intention, wherein the said program recorded in the recording medium enables input of a plurality of commands related to actions of said selected character in an action set frame on said display screen so as to set up the actions of said selected character as a single operation, wherein said action set frame is determined and generated on said display screen in response to said plurality of commands input by said player, and wherein said recorded program is capable of recording two or more of said commands if total action points are within the permissible range of action points for said action set frame, and the total allowed action points for said action set frame and points corresponding to each of said action command type are decided in advance.

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