U.S. Patent No. 7,682,250: Method and apparatus for simulating interactive spinning bar gymnastics on a 3D display
Issued March 23, 2010, to Nintendo


The ‘250 patent describes a 3Dhand-held game where the user can use a stylus to control his character and have the character perform gymnastic actions during gameplay. The invention allows a player to instruct his character to grab onto an elongated metal bar. Once the character is attached, the player may use the stylus to have his character perform gymnastic moves on the bar. These types of moves include handstands, spinning around the bar, and a variety of dismounts. A player may tap the screen while his character is spinning on the bar to activate a dismount sequence whereby the character lets go of the bar and flies in the air.


The video or other computer graphics display shows, on a touch screen, a spinnable bar having a control wheel affixed to an end thereof. Strokes of a stylus applied to the surface of the wheel controls the direction and/or rate of spin of the wheel and bar. An animated game character holding on to the spinning bar may spin with the bar and perform acrobatic acts in response to other touch screen or other types of control inputs.

Illustrative Claim:

1. A method for modeling a gymnastic exercise comprising: displaying an animated game character holding on to an elongated object, the animated game character being moveable independently of said elongated object; detecting user manipulation of a control input device; determining, in response to said detected user manipulation, whether said user in manipulating said control input device has supplied a gesture simulating touch imparting a push to said elongated object; using animation to cause said displayed elongated object to appear to spin with an angular momentum so that repeated gestures simulating pushes in the direction of spin increase the apparent rate said virtual object spins; using animation to make the displayed elongated object appear to impart spin to said independently-movable animated game character so that said animated game character appears to spin with the spinning elongated object; and changing the rate of the spin of said elongated object in response at least in part to the detected control input.

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