Case Update:
Bandspeed, Inc. v. Sony Electronics, Inc., et. al.
United States District Court for the Western District of
Case No: A-11-CV-771-LY, Filed Aug. 7, 2009


This case
was originally filed in 2009 over alleged patent infringement of wireless
communication technology.  Bandspeed,
Inc., brought suit against Sony Electronics, Nintendo of America, and Apple,
Inc. (among others), claiming that their patents were being infringed
upon.  The two patents in question are
U.S. Patent No. 7,027,418 (“Approach for Selecting Communications Channels
Based on Performance”) and 7,570,614 (“Approach for Managing
Communications Channels”).  Since
our initial report the case has been transferred to the Western District of
Texas and a second, related case was filed against Acer, Inc., as well as other
defendants.  The two cases have since
been consolidated by the court.  The case
is still in the discovery phase, and nothing new has been filed since June 18,
2012.  As the case continues to develop,
we will provide updates as to its status.
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