Nintendo v. Niu
United States District Court for the Western District of
Case No. c-n10-791k, filed May 11, 2010.
This case
arose from copyright and trademark infringement on the part of Mr. Kevin
Niu.  Mr. Niu developed and sold game
copiers for Nintendo’s DS and Wii products.
These copiers allowed purchasers to copy software from a game cartridge
or disc in order to fool the console into thinking that an authorized copy of
the game was being played, rather than a copy.


As of July
14, 2011, a settlement agreement was reached in which Mr. Niu confessed
judgment in favor of Nintendo and authorized the Court to enter judgment in the
amount of $200,000.  On August 29, 2011,
the Court entered a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal with Prejudice.
Case Dismissed: RC3, Inc. v. Justin Bieber
New Case - P.S. Products and Billy Pennington v. Activision Blizzard, et. al.