Case Update: Friedrich
v. Marvel et al.
United States District Court for the Southern District of
New York
Case No. 08-cv-01533, filed 2007
filed in 2007, Gary Friedrich sued Marvel for infringing upon a character, Ghost Rider, that he
created for the publisher.
The District Court ruled in favor of Marvel in a motion for
summary judgment, dismissing the case and holding that Marvel had ownership of
the character.  Furthermore, the court
found that Friedrich had infringed upon Marvel’s copyright and he was ordered
to pay $17,000 in damages for profits from the sale of merchandise.  The court claimed that it was unnecessary to
look at whether the initial relationship was a work-for-hire relationship or
not because there were two specific instances when Friedrich signed over rights
to Marvel.


After the ruling, Friedrich appealed to the Second Circuit,
and the case has since been remanded to the District Court for trial.  A status conference was held on June 27,
2013, to establish how the case will proceed.
As always, as the case progresses, we will update accordingly.
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