Shared Memory Graphics, LLC v. Apple Inc. et al
United States District Court,Northern District of California
Case No. 3:10-cv-02475, Filed On June 4, 2010
In June of 2010, Shared Memory Graphics, LLC initiated a lawsuit against Apple, Nintendo, Samsung, and Sony for infringing upon two of its patents.  The patents in question, the ‘644 and ‘279 patent, describe a “Shared Memory Graphics Accelerator System.”  According to the complaint, the patented graphics accelerator system “enhances performance…by utilizing fast embedded memory in conjunction with off-chip memory without sacrificing the ability to expand the frame buffer size, if desired.”  Shared Memory claimed that products such as the Apple iPhone, Nintendo Wii, and Sony PS2, included the infringing technology.  For example, Shared Memory asserted that the graphics accelerator systems in Sony products infringe upon its patents because they “incorporate one or more on-chip frame buffer memory elements as well as one or more off-chip frame buffer memory elements.”
In 2011, Sony and Apple reached a settlement with Shared Memory.  According to Law360, Shared Memory voluntarily agreed to drop all charges against Nintendo and the judge issued an order granting joint stipulation for dismissal with prejudice on January 11, 2012.
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