Lucasfilm Ltd (Lucasfilm) has sensed a disturbance. They filed suit last week against “Jedi Mind, Inc.” (Jedi Mind) accusing the Nevada company of infringing Lucasfilm’s rights in the “Jedi” trademark (among other things). According to the complaint, Jedi Mind markets and sells a line of games and software that are controlled by users’ thoughts. The named products are “Master Mind”, “Jedi Mouse” and “Think Tac Toe,” and Lucasfilm wants Jedi Mind’s use of the “Jedi” name to stop.

In addition to the trademark infringement claims, the complaint includes allegations of false designation of origin, trademark dilution by blurring, breach of contract and violation of California’s unfair competition law. Basically, Jedi Mind is going to have a headache.

Time will tell how this one turns out, and we’ll keep you posted. The case caption is Lucasfilm LTD et al. v. Jedi Mind, Inc. and Brent Fouch, No. 10-3632 (N.D.Cal, filed 8/17/2010).

Update: Just a few days after this original post, the court entered a stipulation, permanent injunction and judgment pursuant to a settlement reached by the parties. Looks like the product is now called “Mind Mouse.”

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