Kotaku’s full census results are in, and there are some interesting points…

Re Consoles:
– 65% of you own multiple consoles, while a quarter of participating Kotaku readers are in possession of all three current generation machines. – Only 5% of participating readers own a PSPgo console. Sorry, Sony. – 66% of participating readers have reported that at least one Xbox 360 console has failed on them, while 32% report multiple failures.Re Pirates:- 51% of participating readers have pirated a console game – 40% of participating readers have pirated a handheld game – 79% of participating readers have pirated a PC game. 79%!Re the PC:- 42% of you don’t play any kind of MMO whatsoever. – 78% of participating readers have bought games digitally. – Steam dominates the digital download market amongst participating Kotaku readers – Only 19% of you can play Crysis as nature intended. – Only 6% of participating readers are PC snobs, 94% of you playing games on at least one other system. – A lot more of you would take Valve over Blizzard.Re Favorite Games:

– You prefer Mass Effect to Halo. – Asking for “favourite franchise” on PC was a stupid idea. – You prefer Zelda to Mario – Smash Bros. is more popular a fighting game than Street Fighter amongst participating Kotaku readers. – Modern Warfare 2 may have the sales records, but its predecessor is your favourite Call of Duty game.Re the People:- You play an astonishing variety of games. – Nearly 60% of participating readers don’t play any kind of sports game. That’s surprising. – 46% of you spend most of your time alone, with singleplayer games. – Nearly half of participating readers have packed their music game instruments away, no longer playing games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero.Full results can be found here.

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