Activision has responded in federal court to a lawsuit originally filed in California state court by No Doubt over Activision’s use of the band’s likeness in “Band Hero.” According to Activision, the case implicates federal copyright law, and thus federal court (rather than state court) is the proper place for the litigation.

Previously, No Doubt sued Activision alleging, among other things, that Activision improperly used digital representations of the band members in unauthorized ways in making “Band Hero,” such as the way that the band members sing and dance in-game.

Now, in responding, Activision is denying all accusations of wrongdoing and arguing that all uses of No Doubt’s likeness are within the licensing contracts obtained from the band before the game’s release. Interestingly, there are also allegations that No Doubt’s contract with Activision does not include certain limits on the scope of the license that the licensing contracts of other artists include.

We will continue to follow this case.

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