Dream Games of Arizona Inc. v. PC Onsite
9th Cir., No. 07-15847, 4/2/2009

This is a placeholder post until we can review and provide more info. But in brief…

(From BNA): A company that engages in illegal conduct with its copyrighted video bingo game system is nevertheless entitled to statutory damages in an infringement suit, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said April 2 (Dream Games of Arizona Inc. v. PC Onsite, 9th Cir., No. 07-15847, 4/2/2009).

Affirming a district court’s statutory damages award, the court also held that a party was properly dismissed from the case and that the court could not address whether the party was secondarily liable for infringement. The court also rejected defendant’s arguments that the jury should not have been allowed to see unprotectable elements of the bingo game.
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