Ok, so I’ve started a new category, dubbed “Ponderous,” to indicate posts that are neither a Case summary, case Update, or News. Ponderous posts represent interesting legal topics of discussion that we find interesting.

This initial post is an extension of the News item regarding the Chinese gamer who got the suspended death sentence for killing a fellow gamer over a virtual sword in Legend of Mir III, and the announcement by Microsoft that Xbox Live, upon launch of the Xbox 360, will have a marketplace feature. Microsoft has indicated that you will be able to purchase game content via the marketplace, but thus far has remained silent as to whether one gamer can sell directly to another.

In any event, I created this skin for my Audi TT in Forza Motorsport:

Is it obvious I’m a Georgia Tech grad? Think it would fetch anything? I hear there’s a market on eBay, but it doesn’t appear to be thriving for Forza yet.

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