Jumping on the “Hey, that’s me!” bandwagon, Former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega, 80, filed a lawsuit in California yesterday against video game publisher Activision Blizzard Inc., alleging that Call of Duty: Black Ops II portrays him as “a kidnapper, murderer and enemy of the state.”

In the game, a character that looks like the real Manuel Noriega and is also named Manuel Noriega assists the CIA but then betrays them. In real life, Noriega was a close US ally until the Americans became concerned with the dictator’s penchant for using violence against his enemies and citizens. The US dropped ties and invaded Panama in 1989. Hat tip to The Verge for the news.

This sounds somewhat similar to Linday Lohan’s recent lawsuit against Take-Two Interactive and Rock Star Games. As you may recall, Lindsay Lohan recently sued Rockstar Games and its owner Take-Two Interactive over a character in Grand Theft Auto V that she alleges is an “unequivocal” representation of her image, according to the Associated Press. The suit was filed in Manhattan, claiming that Lohan’s voice and image are reproduced in the game, as well as styles directly from her clothing line. The character at issue is Lacey Jonas, a vain and demanding actress trying to escape from a group of paparazzi. Strangely enough, Jonas drew Lohan’s attention despite being a fairly minor character in GTA V. It’s not clear if Jonas is meant to be a direct play off of Lohan or a caricature of Hollywood stars in general, but the Grand Theft Auto series has never been a stranger to parodying anything, from businesses, to television shows, to people.  Read on at The Verge.