U.S. Patent No. 10,387,973: Trending stories in game activity feeds

Issued August 20, 2019 to Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC
Priority Date: February 28, 2013

U.S. Patent No. 10,387,973 (the ’973 Patent) relates to determining what posts and content are displayed in particular users’ activity feeds. The ’973 Patent details a method of displaying content, such as game activity (e.g. achievements/trophies, friends currently playing), game promotions, game purchases made by friends, game broadcasts, in-game screenshots, friend requests and notifications of a friend becoming friends with someone else, and game reviews relevant to a particular user based on their friends, games they play, and previous content interaction. Popular trending content is determined based on user engagement through “likes” and comments, which may be displayed in all users’ activity feeds. 

Activity feeds let users know about what is happening, and stay connected, with their friends and games. Users are able to discover new and exciting stories, games and friends. The information presented for a particular user is the most relevant information for that user. Relevancy is used to determine the priority of how items/feed stories are presented for a user. Feed stories are shown for a particular user’s friends. The most popular trending stories are shown to all users based on relevancy rules. Most popular trending stories are determined based on the ones that have the most comments and likes. The activity feeds relating to a particular type are able to be condensed and presented to the users. Custom actions for the particular type of condensed activity feeds are identical. Condensed activity feeds are displayed using a predefined format “condensed title.”

Illustrative Claim:
1. A method programmed in a non-transitory memory of a server device comprising: a. receiving, at the server device, a plurality of activity feed stories from user devices while the users are participating in an activity, wherein the activity feed stories are based on a title of a game, further wherein a lookup table is utilized by the server device to match the title of the game with one or more translated titles of the game, wherein the server device filters activity feed stories in real time, wherein an aggregation queue is utilized by the server device to request and aggregate the activity feed stories; and b. transmitting trending activity feed stories to all users participating in the activity based on relevancy criteria.