U.S. Patent no. 10,029,177: System and method for a videogame with a secondary metagame

Issued July 24, 2018 to Activision Publishing, Inc.
Priority Date November 5, 2013

U.S. Patent No. 10,029,177 (the ‘177 Patent) relates to videogames featuring a secondary metagame. This invention attempts to combine the benefits provided by handheld platforms with those of traditional gaming platforms. A computer-implemented method is provided which tracks a player’s score in a videogame. When a certain score is reached in the videogame then a corresponding score is displayed in the metagame. Upon reaching certain score benchmarks in the videogame the player will be awarded certain bonuses in the metagame. The advent of new handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets allows for the integration of these handheld devices into the traditional videogame console framework. This allows for new ways to engage with games and increase playtime associated with them.

A videogame playable on a traditional gaming platform has an associated metagame playable on a handheld “second screen” device. In some embodiments, a player’s performance in the videogame affects the player’s performance in the metagame.

Illustrative Claim:
1. A computer-implemented method for providing a metagame associated with a primary videogame, comprising: entering a first entity into the metagame associated with the primary videogame, the metagame comprising a plurality of entities competing to achieve one or more metagame objectives where the metagame is active during gameplay of a portion of the primary videogame and the metagame determines a game state of the metagame based on actions that occur during gameplay of the portion of the primary videogame; determining one or more performance metrics associated with a performance of the first entity in the primary videogame; for each metagame objective, calculating a score for the first entity, the score being based on a scoring algorithm that uses at least one of the determined performance metrics of the first entity; determining that the first entity has achieved a predefined score in a metagame objective; in response to determining that the first entity has achieved the predefined score in the metagame objective: changing the scoring algorithm of the metagame objective; and awarding a bonus to the first entity in the primary videogame.