O’Donnell v. Ryan
Case No.
14-2-12439-2 SEA
Superior Court of Washington for King County
On April 11,
2014, Martin O’Donnell’s employment was terminated by Bungie’s board of
directors. O’Donnell had been a composer for the Halo Series, as well as
Destiny, and had been employed since 2000, starting his career as an audio
On May 1, 2014,
O’Donnell filed a complaint against Harold Ryan, chief executive of Bungie,
claiming that Bungie violated its employee agreement, failing to pay him for “unused
vacation, paid time off, sabbatical time and other benefits.” The complaint
stated that other, separate grievances were being handled through arbitration.

On May 27, Bungie
filed a response denying all allegations. But, in Late July 2014, Bungie and O’Donell
agreed to a settlement of $95,019.13 for unpaid benefits and unpaid work.

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