U.S. Patent No. 9,427,668: Storage medium storing game program and game apparatus for improved collision detection in a video game

Issued August 30, 2016, to Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Priority Date May 29, 2009

U.S. Patent No. 9,427,668 helps fans of fighting and shoot ‘em up games make sure lag does not stop them from winning a game. In these sort of games, “determination areas” help figure out if objects in a game contact each other, which helps determines if a bullet shot from an enemy hits a player. Conventional televisions usually temporarily store a program received from a broadcast station in its memory and process the image to improve the image quality before displaying it. For game consoles, the temporary storage causes a lag between the execution of a player’s action and the display of the result on the television.Therefore, this patent provides a solution using a storage medium for a game program and a game apparatus. In the game apparatus, the aforementioned “determination areas” repeatedly determine whether or not a player contacts something. The results of these determinations are stored in succession, permitting the player to move when there is an indication the player contacts something. Storing the determinations reduces lag and helps players keep fighting and dodging both enemies and bullets.

A computer readable storage medium storing a game program and a game apparatus capable of preventing a game process which is performed, depending on a result of contact determination with respect to objects from being illogical for a player are provided. In the game apparatus, a contact determination section repeatedly determines whether a player object contacts a block. The results of determination are successively stored into a determination result storing section. A first processing section permits the player object to jump when, of the results of determination stored in the determination result storing section, at least one result of determination including a result of determination a predetermined period of time before indicates that the player object contacts the block.

Illustrative Claim:
1. A non-transitory computer readable storage medium storing a game program executable by a computer of a game apparatus which outputs to a display device a game image showing a behavior of an object in a game space, the game program causing the computer to execute instructions comprising: repeatedly determining whether or not a first object contacts a second object at a first point in time and at a second point in time, the second point in time being a latest result of determination stored after the first point in time; successively storing results of the repeated determination; and performing a predetermined process with respect to the first object when, of the results of the stored determination, at least one result of determination includes determining that the first object contacted the second object at the first point in time.

Research By: Rachel Johns
Edited By: Andrew F. Thomas