Ross Dannenberg (Xbox: Aviator)

Ross Dannenberg has been practicing intellectual property law since 2000, working primarily with the software and video game industries. He is the author of multiple books on IP and video game law, has a computer science degree, and was creating levels for Duke Nukem 3D since before it was cool.

Scott M. Kelly

Scott’s practice is focused on patents and other intellectual property issues related to software and video games. He is a frequent speaker on video game legal topics and chair of the ABA-IPL’s Digital Games and New Media committee. Scott is an avid eSports fan and has been playing MOBAs since the Warcraft 3 days.

Kirk Sigmon

Kirk Sigmon specializes in intellectual property issues relating to everything from video games to planetary rovers. He has worked in Japan for various Japanese game companies, was once a freelance programmer that dabbled in game/console modding, and learned to read using PC adventure games.

Steve Chang

Steve Chang’s first video game was ‘Zyll’ (text adventure on an old IBM PC clone); his first console was the Atari 2600; and he’s been doing patents in the computer and video game industries since he joined Banner in 1998. Xbox: BookemDano50 – Friend Me!

Andrew F. Thomas

Andrew F. Thomas is a third-year law student at American University Washington College of Law and a research intern for Banner & Witcoff, writing blog posts for When he is not studying, Andrew is saving Hyrule from Ganon in Zelda or launching rockets in Kerbal Space Program.

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