U.S. Patent No. 10,987,595: Game publisher and broadcaster integration platform

Issued April 27, 2021, to Amazon Technologies Inc.
Filed/Priority to March 31, 2016

U.S. Patent No. 10,987,595 (the ‘595 patent) relates to identifying content in a video game stream and providing indication to a viewer as to where that content is available. The ‘595 patent details a system which receives a video stream of video game gameplay, and sends that stream along with availability information of identified content to a viewer. As it receives the video stream, it identifies content of the gameplay in the stream sent to the second client device. Content is identified from a first frame of several and the system indicates that the content is included in the first frame. In response to identification, the second client device is sent information indicating the first content is available to the viewer for incorporation into their own gameplay. The indication information is received and the system updates the content accessible to the second client device to enable the viewer to use the first content in the viewers own gameplay. The ‘595 patent could facilitate viewers of video game streams discovering and acquiring game content, directly within the stream they were already watching.



A videogame services platform may include a streaming component that streams audio and video of gameplay performed on a first client device. The platform may identify content present in the stream and provide notification, to a broadcaster portal, that content present in the stream is available for purchase. An identifier of the content may be mapped to a stock keeping unit for a product containing the content. The product may be acquired using the stock keeping unit. The second client device may be updated to make the content available and authorized for use in gameplay on the second client device.


Illustrative Claim:

  1. A system comprising: one or more computing nodes comprising memory that at least: receive information indicative of a video stream of a first gameplay of a videogame operated on a first client device, the first gameplay originating from the first client device, the video stream sent from the first client device to a second client device; identify a first content of the first gameplay included in the video stream sent to the second client device, wherein identifying the first content comprises determining that the first content is included in a first frame of a plurality of frames that are rendered by the videogame operated on the first client device, and wherein the identifying the first content further comprises providing an indication that the first content is included in the first frame; in response to the identifying the first content, send the second client device information indicative of the first content being available to incorporate into a second gameplay of the second client device; receive information indicative of making the first content available to the second gameplay; and update content accessible to the second client device to enable use of the first content in the second gameplay of the second client device.
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