Hello Patent Arcade readers. Something a little different today. An old friend from law school has published his own book:

What They Don’t Teach You in Law School | How to Get a Job: The Six-Step Process for Landing a Great Legal Job Even if You Don’t Know Where to Start
February 13, 2018, by Adam Gropper

Law school doesn’t teach you how to get a job. This Book Does. It arms you with a fresh perspective from students who landed great legal jobs. These personal, enlightening stories and the insight they reveal form the foundation of a straightforward six-step process to take control of your career path and professional advancement, starting in law school, and create multiple job opportunities. You’ll quickly learn how to: • Create an entrepreneurial approach to your career planning. • Be seen by potential employers as integral to achieving their objectives. • Build your brand to get the job you want with the employer you want. In an easily relatable fashion, this book shares nearly 20 years’ worth of experience and advice (including guidance and feedback from all types and sizes of employers) that has helped the author’s clients secure their dream legal job. Now, this book and its easy to implement, proactive approach can help you too!

If you’ve been struggling with getting where you want to be in the legal profession, give it a read and let us know what you think.

Get your copy today! (Paperback)

Kindle edition.

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