U.S. Patent No. 8,000,581: Advertisement scheme for use with interactive content


Issued August 16, 2011, to Sony Computer
Entertainment America LLC


For anyone who’s ever been interrupted from playing a game by an advertisement, this patent at least tries to lessen the agony. Patent ‘581 describes a method to suspend gameplay, display an advertisement, and then resume the gameplay. After a game is initiated, the computer program will provide a player with an indication that the game will be suspended. This could include such indications as the game gradually slowing down, a warning indicating that game play is about to stop, or a visual signal such as a blinking light. A similar warning would indicate that the game is about to continue. The patent also describes the possibility of the program rewinding the game to some extent before resuming the gameplay. While advertisements are no one’s favorite thing to see while gaming, patent ‘581 at least allows free-to-play players to enjoy someone’s content without it impairing their ability to get that high score.


A method for use in advertising includes initiating playing of interactive content, suspending playing of the interactive content, displaying an advertisement, and resuming playing of the interactive content. A computer program product includes a medium embodying a computer program for causing a computer to perform these operations, and a system for use in advertising includes a display and a processing system configured to perform these operations.

Illustrative Claims:

1. A method comprising: initiating, through a processor based apparatus, playing of interactive content; suspending, through the processor based apparatus, playing of the interactive content; and displaying a different item of content; wherein the suspending playing of the interactive content comprises synchronizing the suspending playing of the interactive content among a plurality of users interacting with the interactive content.

Research By: Rachel Johns



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