U.S. Patent No. 8,535,153: Video game system and methods of operating a video game
Issued Sep. 17, 2013


The ‘153 patent deals with video game systems with two forms of media. The first media contains information about a game and the second media stores information about a particular character. The patent describes a process of swiping cards or selecting characters from an external media source on which an individual character and that character’s attributes are stored. The media is updated with experience, skills, or rewards according to player success in using that character from that media source in a particular game. The patent allows for single or multi- player games that are competitive or cooperative.


Video game systems for executing instructions according to a video game contained on an item of first media including: an item of second media containing data defining an aspect of the video game; and a video game console including a housing, a first media device supported by the housing, a second media device supported by the housing, and a control unit supported by the housing and configured to control the first media device to read the item of first media and to control the second media device to read the item of second media.

Illustrative Claim:

1. A method of operating a video game involving multiple characters playable by multiple players, the method comprising the steps of:
       displaying an environment of the video game on a display screen;
       displaying an icon on the display screen during the video game;
       receiving, by a media device, an input from a first one of the players who provides an item of media after the icon is displayed; and
       attributing a reward associated with the icon with the character being played by the first player.

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