If there are any law students out there looking for an internship, send me an email with your resume.  We’re looking for some summer help with lawsuit research, patent research, writing of blog entries, etc. It’s unpaid, but you will get some great experience. Persons local to the DC area are preferred, but we will consider remote work if it makes sense.

One caveat: we can only consider candidates who are NOT eligible to take the patent bar. This basically means we cannot consider anyone with a science or engineering degree. So, liberal arts folks, this is a great opportunity to get some exposure to video games and IP without competing against “patent people”.

Send a resume, writing sample, and law school and undergrad transcripts to me at my law firm email address.  I trust you are smart enough to find it on the web.  
EVENT: More Than Just a Game: Interactive Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law
Job Opening: Patent Arcade Research Intern