U.S. Patent No. 7,677,979: Method and system for allocating resources in a video game
Issued March 16, 2010, to Leviathan Entertainment, LLC 



The ‘979 patent is intended for use during MMOs whereby a player can control the quantity and distribution of virtual natural resources. The user has the ability to exchange resources with a second player. The resources in the game are renewable and the player can exchange them at will. The value of the resources depends on a conversion rate set by the two players involved. The player needs to use these resources to complete game objectives, so they more wisely he uses the resources, the better the game will be for him.


The present disclosure provides various novel concepts to a video game environment. The disclosure describes video game environments that include a method and system for controlling the quantity and distribution of virtual natural resources, raw materials, skills and NPCs in and between games, where player characters may acquire, use and modify such virtual resources within the physical limits of the games.

Illustrative Claim:

1. A method performed by a computing device, the method comprising: running, by a Video Game Central Server, a massive multi player online game that is operable to simultaneously support a plurality of players via a plurality of video game devices, in which each of the players controls at least one player character, in which play of the game continues regardless of whether a first player character of the plurality of player characters is logged in to the game; in which a first game environment is provided to the first player character; acquiring, by the Video Game Central Server, virtual resources from a second game environment through a virtual exchange, based on a conversion rate between the first game environment and the second game environment, wherein the first game environment and the second game environment exist in different games; determining, by the Video Game Central Server, a value in the first game environment of the virtual resources from the second game environment; and permitting, by the Video Game Central Server, the first player character to select an amount of virtual resources for distribution within the game environment wherein the resources available for selection depends on a game objective.

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