U.S. Patent No. 7,559,842: Game system, game control method, and recording medium for the same
Issued July 14, 2009, to Square Enix


The ‘842 patent describes a system for role-playing games where the player has a wide range of characteristics which can be assigned to his character. Each characteristic carries a certain weight which factors into how much the character can grow and advance in the game. Thus, the player must take careful consideration when assigning certain characteristics to his character in order to provide the most effective combination that will lead to the best growth potential.


A game system provides multiple classifications of character characteristic and is capable of advancing a game by assigning the desired characteristic to a character from multiple characteristics. Two jobs, that is, a main job and a support job are selectable for a character and a fixed pattern of table configuration data is provided as characteristic value information according to the job. In addition, the table configuration data corresponding to the classification of the job is extracted and applied to a growth table for each job, and ability values of the main job and support job are weighted differently so as to achieve character characteristic having two job abilities together. Accordingly, it is possible to effectively increase the job types to be assigned to the character and to create an interesting game, while reducing necessary memory capacity.

Illustrative Claim:

1. A game system, which, when executing a game by operating a character in accordance with a game program, provides a plurality of types of characteristics of the character and advances the game by assigning at least one type of characteristic to the character from among the plurality of types of characteristics, the game system comprising: a main characteristic assigning system that assigns one of the types of characteristics to the character, the assigned type of characteristic serving as a main type of characteristic of the character; a storage that stores a plurality of predetermined sequences of characteristic value information that determines characteristic values of the character for each character level, and also stores a plurality of growth pattern values of the assigned characteristic type, each of the plurality of growth pattern values corresponding to one of the predetermined sequences; an application system that extracts characteristic value information corresponding to a character level and the growth pattern values of the assigned type of characteristic from the stored characteristic value information, and applies the characteristic values of the character in accordance with the extracted characteristic value information; and a controller that controls the character according to the characteristic values applied by the application system, wherein the plurality of growth pattern values are combined based on the plurality of assigned characteristic types, wherein each of a plurality of growth patterns comprises a stored predetermined sequence of characteristic value information, each predetermined sequence representing a progression of the characteristic values corresponding to each of the assigned characteristic types, and wherein the growth pattern values are combined by weighting and adding the characteristic value information in the predetermined sequences, based on the assigned characteristic type corresponding to the characteristic value information.

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