U.S. Patent No. RE39,830: Method for apparatus for recording and playback of multidimensional walkthrough narratives
Issued September 11, 2007, to Ricoh Co., Ltd.



The ‘830 patent describes a method for a player, while playing a three-dimensional game, to record narrative of his movements in the game and then play them back. One option of playback a player can select allows is a passive mode, wherein the user can only navigate along the path taken by the original player who recorded his movements. There is also an active mode, wherein the player is free to move about the three-dimensional world, regardless of where the original player went.


A method and apparatus for recording and playback of multidimensional walkthrough narratives. A three dimensional modeling language is used to automatically create a simple three-dimensional environment using pre-existing electronic documents. A first user, or author may navigate throughout the three-dimensional environment while at the same time recording the path taken and any accompanying audio. In one of two playback modes, a second user can be shown a “walkthrough” of the three-dimensional scene corresponding to the path taken by the author. In the other playback mode, a second user is free to navigate the three-dimensional world while the author’s path is displayed.

Illustrative Claim:

1. A method comprising: generating a multidimensional representation of a plurality of electronic documents within a three-dimensional environment; recording a narrative of the multidimensional representation; and storing the multidimensional representation and the narrative to allow playback in at least one of a plurality of modes.

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