Double Fine Obtains Publishing Rights to “Psychonauts”
As of June 14, 2011, the rights to the hit 2005 adventure game, Psychonauts, have reverted to its original publisher Double Fine. Previously, Double Fine could produce new games in the Psychonauts series (which they haven’t because of a lack of funds) but could not re-publish or financially benefit from the original. The rights to the original Psychonauts had been signed over to Majestic Publishing, but that contract has now expired. While there are some contractual obligations that need to be worked out before Double Fine gets the full financial benefit of ownership and sales in Psychonauts, fans are hoping this will lead to the long awaited development of Psychonauts 2. Double Fine has no plans to develop a sequel for now, but they assure fans they have “some [other] fun stuff to announce” in the near future.
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