As everyone knows by now, Sony settled with Immersion for about $150M. So while the primary issues have been decided, there is still a little cleaning up to do. Namely, there was a third party involved in the litigation, Internet Services, LLC (ISLLC), which claimed it had some rights in the Immersion patents via a license from Immersion, and thererfore ISLLC should be entitled to some of that $150M. The district court initially dismissed all of ISLLC’s claims, and ISLLC appealed. Today the Federal Circuit affirmed the district court’s decision to dismiss ISLLC’s claims, confirming that ISLLC lacks standing to sue Sony based on its limited license to the Immersion patents.

The full decision can be found here.

Case: KSR Int'l v Teleflex (S.Ct. 2007) [P]
Case Update: Perfect 10 v. CCBill