(Last Updated August 2, 2011)


We will endeavor to track and inform our readers regarding United States Patents (and various interesting foreign patents) directed to video games. Yes, we realize that there are endless patents that could be applied to video games if you squint your eyes and look through frosted glass, but we are going to concentrate on patents that are squarely directed (ok, mostly square) to game play methods and interesting aspects of video games. Examples of things we will NOT comment on include graphics rendering techniques, audio/video compression, hardware (most of the time), and other behind-the-scenes aspects of video games. That having been said, here is our initial list of video game pantents, which we will continually update and elaborate on.

Click on a link to read more about a patent. We’ll get to them all eventually.

Table Key:
G= Gameplay
H= Hardware
UI= User Interaction
RPG= Role Play Game
FPS= First Person Shooter
MVG= Multiplayer Video Game

If you know of any patents that should be included on this list, please let us know!

PATENT (Application): Sony's motion-sensing input device
Update: Listing of Video Game Cases