The events over the past week down in New Orleans are simply tragic. The repercussions will be far reaching, long felt, and immense in scale. Even the Patent Arcade was down for a few days because our ISP is in the French Quarter (not that that compares to the tragedies that hurricane victims have had to endure, it’s just an indication of the far reaching repercussions of Katrina). Thus, in the vein of the Patent Arcade, it’s nice to see the gaming community doing something to help out.

Bungie, developer of Halo and Halo 2, is selling “Fight the Flood” t-shirts, and every cent of profit goes to hurricane relief. On top of that, all profit from the Bungie online store in the month of September, 2005, also goes to hurricane relief. Want to help out, and have a cool t-shirt to show for it? Buy one.

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